Our History

Mobile Business Clinic (MBC) began in 2013 as a collaborative initiative between the Lundin Foundation, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) through the West Africa Technical Assistance Facility (WATAF). WATAF was conceived to address the technical and managerial constraints affecting the growth of agricultural SMEs in West Africa. MBC began its first training for SMEs in agribusiness in Accra the same year and later expanded to other forms of training within the agricultural sector, including the Young Fellows Program (YFP) which was established to develop skills in technical assistance delivery among promising African youth.

Five years down the line, MBC Africa has supported over 130 managers in 73 businesses across 7 regions in Ghana and have now expanded to Cote d'Ivoire and Mali. Through the Young Fellows Program we have reached over 200 young people across Ghana encouraging interest in Agriculture.

In 2016, Mobile Business Clinic rebranded to MBC Africa and merged with Business Development Services Africa (BDSA Ghana) to form a single organization. The mission of the united organization is to equip African entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector with business solutions and support services they need to build competitive and sustainable businesses.

Our Vision
To build a strong agribusiness sector across Africa that will contribute to the alleviation of poverty, reduction of food insecurity, and generation of employment in rural areas of the continent.

Our Mission
To equip African entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector with business solutions and support services they need to build competitive and sustainable businesses.

Our Core Values
Driven by the perspective of entrepreneurs
: Our organization is agile and our services respond to the constantly changing needs of entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector across Africa.

Affordable: We focus on agribusinesses in Africa who are underserved and are typically unable to access business development services. This is the spirit under which our organization was created and we vow to always serve this group to the best of our ability.

Inclusive: MBC is a place of belonging and support. We believe that people are our most important resource. We believe that having diversity in our staff across cultures, gender and skillsets is a source of tremendous strength and will propel us towards achieving our vision. Additionally, we are inclusive. We champion the work of female entrepreneurs and youth. We take pride in serving rural entrepreneurs across the African continent.

Integrity: We all hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards in all of the actions we take on a daily basis.

Learning: We are committed to learning at the individual and organizational level. We measure the impact of our work and constantly strive to find new ways of innovating our services, operations and beyond. We invest in our employees and provide a plethora of learning opportunities.

Who We Are

MBC Africa provides an enabling environment for agribusinesses in Africa by integrating the business services they need to grow onto one single platform. MBC Africa’s role is to identify, nurture and develop a critical mass of viable growth-oriented agribusinesses as a pipeline for sustainable and impactful investment in selected African economies; Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali.

MBC Africa is a collaborative platform providing comprehensive business solutions addressing four key needs of businesses;

  • Access to business development services: Ensuring necessary capacity building to grow strong management teams and qualified workforce

  • Access to innovation, information, technologies: Ensuring high quality operational performance

  • Access to markets: Ensuring off take of products at fair prices throughout the year

  • Access to financial services: Ensuring the availability of growth capital, working capital, and risk mitigation instruments

MBC offers businesses access to:

• Management training and coaching: In addition to customized management training and coaching, MBC Africa features two flagship training programs aimed at supporting management teams in agribusiness 

• MBC Africa Agribusiness Accelerator – In this innovative 6 month program, management teams of SMEs in agribusiness improve their skills and capacity to solve their day-to-day business challenges as well as access resources for growth. Our training model combines practical classroom workshops, individualized coaching, and competition for real investment and technical assistance for maximum impact.

• Young Fellows Program – The Young Fellows Program prepares the next generation of agribusiness managers in Africa. High performing youth interested in the agricultural sector are put through a rigorous one-month foundation learning focused on developing practical managerial skills and a five month work placement in a high-growth agribusiness.

• Technical assistance – Our experienced Advisors are on hand to provide innovative and impactful technical assistance to agricultural SMEs. Since the inception of the organization, MBC Africa has focused on providing low-cost and affordable services small to medium sized agribusinesses which are typically out of the reach. 

• Advisory services – MBC Africa is committed to fulfilling all the needs of SMEs in agribusiness. As a result, we also provide a range of affordable advisory services that support management teams in getting their business to the next level.