Our accelerator training program also known as clinics, offer a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and skills training customized to early-stage and growing SMEs in agriculture that present real growth opportunities. 

These companies are very fragile as most owners or managers are busy in managing the day-to-day operations and forget long-term strategy and planning which is fundamental to grow a company and scale production. 

Our training model combines practical classroom workshops, individualized coaching, and potential access for real investment and technical assistance for maximum impact. Clinics are mobile, and thus, are currently held in various cities across Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire.



Each clinic welcomes a maximum of 7 selected companies. Each company has a dedicated embedded team of coaches or Business Development Associates (BDA’s) to help them diagnose challenges and implement an action plan in a cost-effective way.


The goal of the Accelerator training is to:

  • Support entrepreneurs setup management structures to ensure long term growth and sustainability of their companies.

  • Adopt modern business trends to keep up with the volatile business environment.

  • Develop and maintain the required systems in the company in preparation for future investments.