Introduction to BDS

Business Development Services (BDS) is an experienced team of MBC Africa staff that offers a variety of customizable, targeted services to clients ranging from start-up entrepreneurs with nothing more than a business concept to established businesses with years of sales.

We work with businesses across all industries including agriculture, energy, finance, medical, mining, oil and gas, technology, and more. The nature of our work can be sub-divided into two streams: Business Development Services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Technical Advisory work for established corporations.

Business Development Work

The BDS team works side-by-side with SMEs to mentor them and assist them in expanding their business sustainably. The ultimate objective of many of BDS’ SME clients is to receive investment, and therefore a large portion of BDS’ services are intended to develop the client and their business to the point of being “investment ready”.

Some of our standard services include business plan development, investment readiness acceleration, website creation, various training courses, and many more. Furthermore, the BDS team can work with a client to create a custom service outside of our standard list.

After working with Business Development Services, many companies are ready to join our MBC Africa Business Network, which provide valuable support and technical expertise, and the clients also well positioned to be posted onto our AfricSeed platform, which connects entrepreneurs with investors. The common denominator between all our SME clients is their passion to grow both their business and their own professional skills.

Technical Advisory Work

BDS also offers technical advisory services to any company seeking to benefit from our skilled employees, vast network, and broad industry experience. Access to markets, market research, technical training clinics, and investment due diligence are just a few of the technical advisory services that we have offered in the past.