The BAMC team offers clients access to an experienced network of experts in Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria. Services are available in English, French, Spanish and several local languages. The BAMC team offers a variety of customizable, targeted services to clients ranging from start-up entrepreneurs with nothing more than a business concept to established businesses with years of sales. They work with businesses across all industries including agriculture, energy, finance, medical, technology, and more. The BAMC team presents a complete advisory package for their client which is sub-divided into three main streams: 

  • Business Advisory Services: This package aims at transforming clients’ businesses through a series of tailor made business development procedures to ensure their businesses are grounded on firmer foundations for investment purposes.

  • Technical Assistance: This package is meant for established corporations; to guide them to practicing quality business management practices coupled with improved technological innovations which eventually makes them investment ready and migrate them to unto our AfricSeed investment platform.

  • Executive Coaching & Personal Development is another service offered by the experienced BAMC team. The team examines the entrepreneur’s business mindset and soft skills offered to his/her business operations. The team will support the entrepreneur through mentoring, coaching and training when required to improve their managerial skills; to overcome their daily challenges in the entrepreneurial journey. This service ultimately helps the entrepreneurs anticipate and tackle specific industry challenges as they proactively strategize and create successful outcomes with their businesses.

Furthermore, the BAMC team is very versatile in creating tailor made services outside the above list to suit the needs or challenges of a business and guides them through to their preferred status. 


The BAMC provides yet another incredible opportunity to its clients by introducing them to the MBC Africa Business Network. The Business Network positions itself as an avenue for entrepreneurs to acquire and share knowledge, share skills, expand their business markets and extend their business networks or contacts. Members of the Business Network are presented to our Online Investment Platform, AfricSeed that links them to their potential investors. 



How it works

  • Businesses can either be sent to our incubator/accelerator programs or directly handled by the BAMC Department. Business coming from our accelerator program will be reviewed by the BAMC team prior to presentation to investors on AfricSeed Platform.

  • Businesses can also reach the BAMC team by completing the 1-minute Business Information Form on our website. One of our skilled team members will soon after contact you to learn more about you, your business or idea, and what we can do for you. After which, we work closely with you to either tailor one of our existing services or develop a brand-new service that will best address your near-term goals and ambitions. See flow chart below for processes: