The Start-Up Investor Conference is a collaborative effort by MBC Africa and the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana to work the theme; “Securing investments for start-up and early stage businesses in Ghana”.

The conference’s tagline; “learn, meet and grow!” Immediately suggests the total rational behind the amazing event.

The event is scheduled to include a pitch session that offers a grande opportunity to start-ups and early stage businesses to present their businesses before a jury and an audience of investors and consumers.

The power of networking automatically sets in under the perfect blend of Policy Makers, Investors, Business Owners and Consumers. Participants have the greatest chance to meet all these major stakeholders in the Business Sector of Ghana to let their ideas known, be identified and establish useful contacts to their operations.

MBC Africa and the Dutch Embassy are privileged to request of your attendance of this exciting Conference on 19th October 2017 at the Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel, Accra-Ghana.

Kindly CLICK here to apply for your tickets.