Some of the businesses listed below  from our GBT (Growing Business Together) program will be pitching to investors at the Start Up Investors Conference on 19th October 2017 at Swiss Spirit Alisa Hotel in Accra. For more information about GBT, please visit the website

Caris Gold-HealthyBurst juices

Our aim is to provide more varieties of fruit juices tailor made to suite the taste and preferences of consumers taking their health and nutrition into consideration. Varieties produced include: sugarcane juice, pineapple and ginger, fruit cocktail, hibiscus juice and several other ranges of fruit juices and local beverages. We also provide custom made beverage setups for all types of events.

Coliba Waste Management Company
Coliba leverages on voice call broadcast in local Ghanaian languages such as Hausa, Twi and Ga to educate subscribers on good waste segregation
and management practices, help them get real time information on how much we are willing to pay them for their recyclables as well as help  them schedule pickups at their own convenience.
At Coliba we leverage on Technology to bring clean and readily available and consistent supply of recyclable waste materials to recycling companies at competitive price to help them meet the gap in their demand. Coliba also offers range of service in general waste collection by providing innovation, availability and cost effective access to general waste services for its customers.
Agribusiness Innovation Hub – iHub
At the iHub we understand that young people need to play with their ideas and challenges (P&C) in order to come up with innovative Agribusinesses.
At the iHub we understand that Agri-entrepreneurship is: creativity and logic, a cup of self-confidence, a teaspoon of risk, a sprinkle of I think I know a better way, and a whole lot of get up, dust yourself and try again.
The iHub has adopted a smart business model that enable us sell and buy Agribusiness innovations as well as invest in profitable Agri-enterprises nurtured at the iHub. Our innovative business model continues to develop strong Public Private Partnerships – PPP’s for the development of viable Agri-enterprises.
At the iHub we champion the adoption of precision Agriculture technologies in our quest to grow smart Agri-enterprises. At the iHub we make you see Agribusiness differently, go where others aren’t and win.
The iHub is committed to nurturing Ghana’s next generation of successful young leaders in Agribusiness to spearhead Ghana’s accelerated Agriculture development.

Esayat Meat Factory

We are a wholesome meat processing and packaging business of beaf, chevon, Motton and Guinea fowl and local chicken located in the Northern Region of Ghana Tamale.

Success Avenue

Success Avenue is an agribusiness company with the sole aim of cultivating fish and pineapples. Our aim is to become one of the best producers and suppliers of quality fresh fish and pineapples in Ghana. We aim at supplementing the protein needs of Ghanaians and as well meeting the global demand of quality fresh fish and pineapples, while creating employment for the rural folks thereby reducing poverty and rural urban migration.

Kente Master

Kente Master is a fabric artisan company which seeks to promote African culture, entrepreneurship, and economic self-empowerment of Kente weavers by internationally supplying a wide range of unique premium Kente (traditional woven Ghanaian fabric) products.

Our main product is the Kente Graduation stole which we sell to Universities with our main target market being the United States; due to the huge demand in US schools. However we do have other products on sale which includes sandals, bowties, neckties and backpacks made of Kente.

AGRI360 Limited

AGRI360 is an agribusiness startup located at Battor in the Volta Region. AGRI360 is focused on the use of modern technology and good agricultural practices for the production and packaging of quality and traceable vegetables to be delivered to supermarkets, hotels and eateries. Vegetables under cultivation include but not limited to lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cabbage, carrot, and cucumber.

Giddins Innove

GIDDINS provides not only quality footwear but also comfortable, stylish, durable and at affordable prices, to capture most of our target market in the age bracket of 18-35 years, who are mostly tertiary students and young working professionals. Our footwear includes leather shoes, suede, jeans and velvet shoes and sandals from African print fabrics (to promote and preserve our Ghanaian heritage with our sandals). GIDDINS is also into ladies accessories like hand bags, diaper bags, back packs , and others with African print fabrics.

Medicstart Medical Services

Medicstart Medical Services is a Ghanaian health care business with experience Medical Laboratory scientist with over 20 years of professional experiences and other healthcare providers to deliver better health care services and medical supplies for our valued clients in the Upper East and beyond.

Mr Kitchen

Mr. Kitchen is Ghanaian owned cooking ingredient business established to produce and market natural, medicinal and nutritional spices through creativity and innovation. Mr Kitchen vision is to become the most trusted leading producer of fresh, natural and healthy ingredients for the best cooking experience. Mr. Kitchen majors in the production, processing, packaging and marketing of Paste, Powdered, Prekese and Dawadawa spices with no additives and preservatives, just natural  for all cooking purposes.