AfricSeed platform brings angel investors, impact investors and SBG’s (Small, Growing Businesses) together, using an holistic approach that combine access to capital, pre and post investment technical assistance solve global issues in a manner, which is sustainable and scalable.


Investment through this platform allows investors to savor a range of investment options, without being inundated by the administrative tasks associated with each investment.



We are committed to achieving the following activities: 

Deal sourcing and due diligence

AfricSeed will work with the businesses to collect and analyze documents that are necessary to assess the business’s operations and future capabilities. This reduces the work that the investors would have to do if they approached the businesses on their own. 


Technical assistance and capacity building

AfricSeed will assist businesses reach investment-readiness if they are not already. They have experienced staff that understands that market in West Africa that will be able to do capacity building for the entrepreneurs. For example, developing the financial forecasts and financial models, and creating KPI’s to measure their impact. 


Monitoring and evaluation

Once the investor has invested in the business, AfricSeed can assist with monitoring and evaluating the business according to the KPI’s mentioned previously. This again, will reduce the workload for investors to allow them to focus on other areas that require their attention. By monitoring and evaluating the businesses, it will continuously develop AfricSeed’s core competencies of understanding the market. 


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