MBC Africa has designed an extension service model that combines business and technical skills training for smallholder farmers and Farmers Based Organization (FBO). Our model has a high social and economic impact on all the stakeholders of any given value chain.

To enable farmers to take advantage of the above-mentioned model, MBC team has developed the Rural Enterprise Development Institute (REDI) concept to help assist farmers in that direction.

REDI will target 5 main RICE and MAIZE producing regions in Ghana namely Upper West, Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Eastern and Volta region for the first five years of its incorporation. The target is to work with at least 50000 farmers over this five years period. To ensure that this REDI model starts on a strong foundation, we aim at starting on a more realistic pace (with cautious optimism) with 3500 famers (rice &maize) in 3 regions; Eastern, Upper West and Volta region this year 2018. This pilot phase of REDI will enable us to conduct a good evaluation of the concept and its impact on farmers before scaling it up in the subsequent years of operation. 

REDI concept has identified 2 main thematic areas of providing a bespoken strategy which will impact positively on farmers operations;

  • Provide Training for Farmers 

We propose two types of training throughout the training cycle. It will be a training module on technical rice and maize routes in general, a specific module on good practices. A personalized follow-up team would be set up to ensure implementation. Famers will also receive training in basic business management skills: record keeping, production planning, efficient use of labor and price negotiation skills.

  • Provide Farmers with Specialized Agro Inputs and Markets

REDI will identified certified Agro dealers and Off Takers (both locally and international) to provide farmers with quality farm inputs (OCP fertilizer & certified seeds for rice and maize) and markets for their produce.

For effective realization of the 2 thematic areas of the concept, there is a need for MBC Africa to forge partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the industry to enable its strategy work. We will work with the following stakeholder;

  • Bussiness Development Associates (BDAs); they will receive a trainer of trainings training for experienced professionals in the agricultural industry. They will then extend the knowledge gained in the training to the farmers on the field and ensure that all practices are implemented to the later

  • Agro Dealers and Off Takers; they will provide us with good farming inputs (certified seeds from Ariku Farms) and buy farmers produce at competitive price to avoid post-harvest losses

  • Agricultural inclined Financial Institutions; they will play a central role as main financial intermediary with the farmers and give out loans at specified interest rates agreed by both parties.

REDI will serve as the game changer in the agricultural business value chain and we at MBC will strive to ensure that it works and provide positive impacts on our farmers and stakeholders.